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[col12 animation_type=”none” align_content=”default”][service] [/col12] [col4 animation_type=”top” align_content=”default”][content_box title=”Student Scholarships” ” icon=”” style=”style2″] Our goal is to offer as many need based scholarships as possible.  We hope to bring confidence, discipline, strength, and fun to the local underserved community. Please, help us help others. [/content_box][/col4][col4 animation_type=”bottom” align_content=”default”][content_box title=”Why capoeira?” ” icon=”” style=”style2″] Capoeira is a life changing martial art.  It combines self defense with music, dance, acrobatics and an amazing history.  Students can benefit from both the mental and physical aspects that learning capoeira teaches. [/content_box][/col4][col4 animation_type=”top” align_content=”default”][content_box title=”What will my donation fund?” link=”#” icon=”” style=”style2″] By donating to United Capoeira Association – Tucson,AZ, student scholarships will be funded, training equipment and uniforms will be purchased, and musical instruments will be made available.[/content_box][/col4]

Thank you for supporting this exciting Brazilian martial art and contributing to the enrichment of the Tucson community.