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Class Prices: For up to the minute, daily updated schedule please visit our CLASSES page.

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Capoeira Class Monthly Payment Options



Family Packges


    Open to all members
    Open to all members


Specials Offers


    New Students ONLY
    New Students ONLY

UA/PCC Capoeira Club ONLY

After 6 months of consistent training(paying monthly and coming to two classes a week on average) you get an extra $10 a month off Adult and Teen rates.

CLASS PURCHASE POLICIES: All class purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. 10-class passes are valid for 2 months from the first day used and any classes not used within the validity period are lost. We offer a one-time per year opportunity to freeze your monthly class purchase due to an injury that keeps you from being able to train. Please inform us in writing of your injury and the remainder of the month will be pro-rated and applied as a credit to your following month of participation. No extensions will be made for travel, sickness, etc. Please check your schedule before making a class purchase.

UNIFORMS: Absolute Beginners may wear their free Capoeira t-shirt & comfortable pants during their series. Choose to purchase a full uniform within the first week of your series and get a 10% discount! After completing the Absolute Beginner Series,Tucson Capoeira uniforms are required for all on-going participants & are available for purchase at Capoeira Capoeira for $75. They consist of abada/pants, cord and t-shirt.
No prior experience is necessary. Beginners should wear loose fitting clothing and should be barefoot or, if necessary, use light footwear. No uniform is required the first month for beginners. A uniform is required after your third month of training, and may be purchased on site with advanced notice.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: For families with multiple children/adults enrolled in classes, when one child/adult enrolls at regular price, siblings/parents will receive a 10% discount.

Full Payment Menu