About UCA

The acronym UCA stands for “United Capoeira Association”. The UCA was born of Mestre
Acordeon’s and Mestre Rã’s desire to create an organization in which they could work together with similar philosophical ideals while preserving their own identities. Mestre Rã (Cassio Martinho from Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil) worked with Mestre Acordeon from 1992 to 2006, when he moved back to Brazil and his school there. He remains a UCA mestre, along with Mestra Suelly, Mestre Galo, Mestre Calango and Mestre Amunka. Today, some of their students teach capoeira in different locations under the umbrella of the United Capoeira Association.

Our Mestres

Mestre Acordeon
Ubirajara Almeida, student of the legendary Mestre Bimba, is an author, musician, and historian. One of the early pioneers to bring Capoeira to the western United States in late 1970’s. Today Mestre Acordeon has established the United Capoeira Association with schools in numerous states and Mexico.

Mestre Rã
Cassio Marthino has been playing capoeira for over 30 years, and trained under many Mestres throughout Brasil, including Mestre Tarzan, Mestre Galo, and Mestre Suassuna. Mestre Rã has performed and taught all over the world. Currently, Mestre Rã works with Mestre Acordeon while also running his own school for at risk children in Jundiai, São Paulo, Brasil.

Mestra Suelly
Suellen Einarsen, the first American woman to earn the title of mestre, has played a vital role for women in Capoeira. She began her career in capoeira in 1982, as a part of Mestre Acordeon’s first generation of students in the U.S. Mestra Suelly has been interviewed by numerous journalists in an effort to expand awareness of capoeira here in the United States.