Good People!!!

Sheila Matute

Capoeira Malandragem is a great place to learn capoeira from skilled and experienced instructors with a great community! I’ve learned so much during my time here. Love it!!!!!

Stacy Smith

I really enjoy training with them, they are a very welcoming family with lots of Axé (good energy). Demanding classes that will test your limits and teach you a lot, great rodas and many experienced capoeristas to play, fight and learn this art with.

Silvana Ayala

Malandragem is much more than a Capoeira training school. They welcome everyone with open arms to join their capoeira family, it doesn’t matter who you are, your personal beliefs, preferences, or ideals. The best part is, they teach and train not for capital gains, but for the love of what they do.

Christopher Hokin

Capoeira Malandragem is one of the absolute best places to learn capoeira in Tucson. If you are excited to try capoeira, check out Malandragem for sure!!!!

Laura Kurtzberg

Great instructors great environment oldest one in Tucson that teaches different styles as well.

Jamil Hijazi

Capoeira is a fun way to get in shape and meet lots of new people. The intructores and profesores at capoeira malandragem have been doing capoeira a long time. They are patient, knowledgeable and follow a capoeira linage that focuses on music and rhythm.

Xochitl Coronado-Vargas

Capoeria Malandragem is such an awesome group to be a part of with good energy! As a total beginner I can say that the teachers have been nothing but patient and understanding in my Capoeria journey. Professor Besuro has been so supportive cheering me on from the start. He is always willing to answer any questions I have. They are such a welcoming group. I am glad to be a part of their organization.

Elizabeth Allen

Highly recommended for an awesome capoeira experience!

Grilo Preto

I had visit this place twice and every time I had a really good experience with their instructors and students. I play capoeira and is the main activity I had practice there, but also I saw their other classes and they were very inspiring. Definitely my place to go to practice capoeira in Tucson.

Silver Cruz