Capoeira Malandragem have a lot of positive energy great singing with a lot of AXÉ. Goooooo capoeira Malandragem

Formada Dandara Capoeira Karkara

Love this class! It’s a great workout and full of passion to share the history of this sacred art form. Each time I go I learn something new. It’s also very inclusive which is important me! Check it out!

Teré Fowler-Chapman

One of the most rich and friendly capoeira communities I’ve witnessed.
Great teachers, vibrant community awesome energy and Capoeira: some of the most fun a law abiding adult (or child) can!!!

Mniska Lamb

They’ve been laying the strong foundation of capoeira in Tucson for years. Great people and good vibe. Can’t go wrong!!!

Michael Gregory Gonçalves Davis

Capoeira Malandragem is an amazing place to learn this beautiful art. Instructors are knowledgeable, patience and most of all encouraging. So lucky to have found such a wonderful place to learn.

Lysa Davis

The people I have met and the things I have learned doing Capoeira with this school are truly amazing. I love every minute of class because it is challenging both physically and mentally. It’s definitely worth trying!

An Iv En

Capoeira Malandragem is a great way to place to learn capoeira, to get in the greatest shape of your life, to make friends and to share in the axé of a great school and teachers. Obrigado menus irmãos!!

Alexander Vernon

Outstanding! One of the best communities in town. Obrigada!

Erika Marquez

My 4yr. old has been taking the kid Capoeira class for a couple months now and loves it. Even at home her and little sister practice and play with the movements and sing the songs. Great place to be!

Amy Miner Rutherford

I love training with these guys. It’s a great group of people with dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. It’s a fantastic way to get moving.

Joshua Wood