The teaching staff at Capoeira Malandragem are a great group of positive people that have an incredible drive to share capoeira with everyone that walks through the door. If you have ever thought about training capoeira in the Tucson area, Capoeira Malandragem is the place for you.

Chris Recruta Montiel

This class is special. There were no egos. Everyone was friendly and together. Very helpful and encouraging. I love the energy and the vibe!

Ono Mafemi

This is a great school. My kids and I really enjoy it. The classes are challenging enough for the people who require it, while simple enough so beginners do not feel out of place. It’s a great workout, and people see each other as family. Great place to be!

Orgel Phillip McCoy Lmt

From the beginning it felt like family, always encouraging even when I find myself laying on the floor because everything hurts. Total support system with laid back teachers, although they pull no punches in class… So much to learn but I wouldn’t want another school to be my home.

Marquita Kyra Harris

Excellent place to train and professional instruction from passionate teachers

Vernon Leão Preto Lindsay

This class is amazing!!! The energy , the people, the music, everything was just so fun!! I will definitely be back. I had the best time!!!

Katie Litchfield

The best part of training with Capoeira Malandragem is that it is all about fun, inclusiveness, and COMMUNITY. I am already a lover of Brazilian music and culture, and I am so happy to be able to add capoeira to activities. I wish I could do it all three days of the week!

Jaimie Lindsay

Love this community! Was a part of it once upon a time, and now bring my 8 and 10 year old girl and boy. The musical, lingistic and fitness challenges complement other martial arts, adding a more sophisticated experience of flow, presence, energy and improvisation

Nossa Bossa Nova

This academy introduced me to Capoeira and a whole lot of life experience. Soulful teachers taught through a direct lineage of Mestre Bimba the father of contemporary capoeira. The workouts are amazing and your body will thank you. Come try it out and meet all the great people!!

Alejandro Wood

Simply the best capoeira in Tucson- Malandragem has deep roots in this city, not just as a business, but as a gathering place for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore culture, music and movement in a diverse setting. Malandragem has been affiliated with legendary capoeira teacher Mestre Acordeon for nearly two decades, and their instructors benefit from supervision and guidance from the United Capoeira Association. Go check them out today!

Lewis Lease