This school provides incredible training for anyone interested in practicing a martial art that involves intense focus, challenging your physical limitations, and building community through connected group participation… It’s all there! You will have so much fun and grow in your confidence!
Fine Theresa

What a great school! I’m so happy my family has joined Capoeira Malandragem in Tucson. This is the best martial art for families! My husband, myself, and our 5year old son are active participants. Our 2 year old daughter is also always there with us and she is learning so much by watching! We love that Capoeira combines aerobics, strength training, self-defense, self-confidence, dance, music, and such an abundant sense of family. We are hooked and so glad for it.
Thank you Capoeira Malandragem-UCA Tucson for welcoming us and challenging us to become better every day!
Don’t let fear get in your way– capoeira IS for everyone regardless of your current fitness level. If you have ever considered capoeira this is a great place to join!

Clarity White

The class is amazing and the environment is friendly and professional. Myself and my daughter are learning so much from Professor Besouro. Excited about our next class!

Darnell Edward Moss

Capoeira Malandragem offers a great environment for students of all levels to come and learn more about capoeira. While I currently train in New Mexico, I make it a point to come out to work out with this fun group fairly regularly because they always provide me with new ideas to help me to grow as a martial artist. They have fun and challenging workouts that have always benefited me as well as an incredible community that I have gotten to know over the years. The teaching staff is dedicated to offering a welcoming learning environment and are good sources of inspiration as well as being a good source of information about the history and culture that surrounds the capoeira art and community. Be sure to pack some extra water when you go to class!

Alejandro Duarte

My 17 yr old son started taking classes a month ago. I am amazed of how much he has learned both physically and mentally.


Sharon Arceneaux

Capoeria Tucson has the best of people. You will be treated like family and you will have an amazing workout. Thank you guys for everything!

Frankie Chik

This was my first capoeira experience and I am hooked! The teachers had an awesome energy that helped me feel part of the movement and the group even though it was completely new to me. I will definitely be looking for capoeira classes back home so I can keep learning!

Bette Amir-Brownstein

Very fun yet challenging classes. Lovely group of people. I highly recommend them.

Lacie Forde

This was a great experience and I enjoyed it alot and plan to come back

Isaiah Roberts

Oi, galera! Prof. Besouro is incredibly kind and hospitable, along with the other teachers. He invited me to the free classes, and his passion radiates out and is contagious. The class I went to was structured to accomodate everyone who came, including beginners like me, and left everyone feeling energized. I really liked playing at the end in the circle; the exercises we did the whole class were put into real-world practice in this ritual conclusion of an awesome class at this awesome academy of capoeira!

Tim Hobson