Cordão System : Mestres
Mestre is a traditional and valued title attributed to some capoeira teachers.
To become a mestre, the capoeirista must have a long career teaching capoeira and satisfy the following requirements:

– Must be indicated to the title by a recognized and well known teacher.
– Must be recognized by an official confederation of capoeira in Brazil such as the Confederação Brasileira de Capoeira.
– More than anything else, must have the popular recognition as a mestre and unanimous acceptance as such by the traditional masters of the art.

When the capoeiristas reaches the level of mestre, there are 4 different levels to aim for:

Mestre de Primeiro Grau (First degree master)
Level IX,Cordão Verde/Branco approximately 10 to 15 years in capoeira

Mestre de Segundo Gras(Second degree master)
Level X,Cordão Amarelo/Branco approximately 15 to 20 years in capoeira

Mestre de Terceiro Gras(Third degree master)
Level XI,Cordão Azul/Branco approximately 20 to 30 years in capoeira

Mestre (also called Grão Mestre – Mestrissimo – Mestre Cordão Branco)
Level XII,Cordão Branco more than 30 years in capoeira
It grants the Capoerista the maximum respect and admiration in the world of CAPOEIRA.