At Tucson Capoeira, kids will work their flexibility, reflex, agility, rhythm, basic acrobatic skill, and bolster their self-confidence.  In addition, youth develop their Portuguese language skills by learning basic greetings, commands, Capoeira songs and general vocabulary.

We welcome kids aged 5 – 12 with or without prior experience and at any level of fitness. In our Monday & Wednesday  kids class, we will break the group by age, while sharing some activities together.

Capoeira instills the values of responsibility, self-confidence all while awakening creativity through the development of self-expression.

Through fun games, drills, and exercises, children learn to “play capoeira” with an understanding of limits and respect for each other. Classes will keep your child physically fit and mentally engaged.

Students will learn the movements of capoeira along with the music and songs traditionally used in the sport.

Capoeira promotes quick reaction and decision making which translates into enhanced memory retrieval in the classroom; training Capoeira increases memory, balance, mood and behavior, and like any regular physical activity, is the first defense against childhood obesity.

The Instructors and adult role-models in Capoeira teach young people valuable life lessons—confidence, leadership, goal-setting, team-work, expression, cultural and social cooperation, respect and tradition, and habits that can lead to a lifetime of good health and civic involvement.

Capoeira Class Schedule

5pm – 6pm kids
5pm – 6pm kids

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As in any martial art, respect and discipline is fundamental.  Kids and teens will be held to the highest behavioral standards in order to insure their growth as an athlete and guarantee the safety of the class as a whole.  It is important to note that Tucson Capoeira teachers take safety very seriously and construct lessons for varying athletic abilities.  All movements are taught slowly, carefully and with considerable repetition.


Training Capoeira helps youth develop their interpersonal communication skills, enrich their cultural perspective, and illustrates the importance of music, art, and movement in history and in social change.  Kids are expected to participate fully in class, support each other in the classroom setting, during partner and group activities, as well as to stay on task when given a drill.


For Capoeira class, kids are required to be in clean Capoeira pants (abadas), their Capoeira cord and a Capoeira t-shirt or plain white t-shirt.  Students with long hair should have it pinned back.


Progress and development is directly related to consistent attendance and dedication.  And it is very important that parents bring their youth to class regularly and as frequently as possible.  Also kids that train at least twice a week will see the most improvement.

So much  like any other martial art where cords (belts) symbolize rank and skill level.  In capoeira class kids will have the opportunity to test for their first (or next belt) twice a year.  Moving up in levels in Capoeira happens at an event called a “Batizado.”  A Batizado is a Capoeira graduation ceremony where students receive their new cords, there are performances and demonstrations; and family and friends are invited to watch.  The batizado is a fun, family friendly event that the kids look forward to each year. It is a time where the young capoeiristas can shine and show off what they’ve learned over the previous 6 months.