Beginner Capoeira Classes

These are ongoing classes where anyone can join, no previous experience necessary. It covers all aspects of Capoeira; martial-arts, dance, music, abrobatics, culture, language and more. It focuses on developing the students rhythm, reflexes, balance, co-ordination and increasing strength and flexibility as they learn.

Basics classes are focused on building and refining capoeira technique and basic skills. Although every class is different, a typical class consists of a guided warm-up using capoeira movements followed by practicing sequences of capoeira movements both individually and in partners and general physical conditioning exercises to build strength, balance, and agility. Basics classes also introduce capoeira music and end with a capoeira roda open to all students. Basics classes are appropriate for students of all levels and are a great place for new students to start.

Trial Class

Join us for an intro class! Click the button below to start today.Capoeira, a rich hybrid fight-like dance, dance-like fight, ritual, and way of life. Come see what we have to offer!

Capoeira Class Schedule

Monday 5pm – 6pm kids
Monday 6pm to 7:30pm adults
Wednesday 5pm – 6pm kids
Wednesday 6pm to 7:30pm adults
Saturday 4pm -6pm all levels & all ages.