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Mucura began Capoeira shortly after high school. She was a street dancer and grew up around break dancers and graffiti artists.
Her love of drums started early listening to Hip Hop.
One of her good friends who was a dancer as well, invited her to her first Capoeira class held at Mestre Dondi “Enxu” Academy in Tucson,Az.
Little did she know her life would forever be changed.
Capoeira opened up so many other aspects of Art and dance.
Mucura was raised by her grandmother and had a difficult child hood,and practicing Capoeira brought her discipline and a safe place to express frustration through the Martial Art.
Capoeira and the other aspects of Afro Brazilian Culture have led to so much personal growth and opportunities. Such as traveling to Brazil and all over the U.S to share ,perform and teach.
Mucura also studies Afro Brazilian Samba , And is a performer of the dance.
Mucura is Of Multi -Cultural ethnicity, And feels connection and a resonance with Afro Brazilian culture .
She is continuing to train in the arts and excited to continue her growth as a teacher so that she can invite others to experience the joy and community that comes with Capoeira .

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