Mestre Dondi “Enxu” Our Founder

Under direction of the United Capoeira Associatoin, Mestre Acordoen, Mestre Rá and Mestre Suelli, Contramestre Dondi “Enxu”, the founder of Capoeira Malandragem in Tucson, has been able to develop other institutions all of the country; Brazil, Colorado, New Mexico,Mexcio, and California.
Capoeira is always done to music and song. The speed and style of the berimbau (lead instrument) defines the rhythm or conversation between the capoeiristas within the roda (ring). The music is predominantly Afro-Brazilian. However, it can also combine elements from other musical genres such as, Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, and Reggae.
Mestre Dondi “Exnu” Marble has been instructing variuos forms of martial art since 1974. In 1996,His capoeira training in Brazil and all over the Western United States has allowed Mestre Dondi “Enxu” to successfully establish different academies in Arizona and in other parts of the world. By bringing this art form to a smaller city such as Tucson, he is encouraging and influencing a diverse group of people from all ages to open their minds and free their spirits. Students from all backgrounds and cultures can participate in Capoeira and begin at any time. The classes range from teaching young children, to the most specialized Capoeira and all are encouraged as long as they maintain the passion for the game and culture.

Quotes: Mestre Dondi believes that in order for his students to fully appreciate this art form
“You must free your mind and your ass will follow!”


Mestre Dondi “Enxu”
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