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The flame of this beautiful art is now in your hands. You can dampen it, you can burn yourself or your brothers and sisters, or, afraid of its heat, you can let go of it. I hope that you take good care of your capoeira and kindle this fire alive and powerful, enlightening your life.

— Mestre Accordeon



What to wear : Clothing & Shoes

The general rule is to wear a t-shirt and pants (not shorts) that you’re comfortable moving in. Warm-up pants, athletic pants, or sweatpants are good; jeans and khakis are usually not recommended . Remember that you’ll be stretching and going upside down, so wear a tight fitted shirt.

We are a regional school and  generally train barefoot, although , we do allow you to wear shoes if you have issues with your feet.i

  • Do give 100%.
  • Do have respect for what the mestre or instructor is teaching you.
  • Do keep an open mind about learning new movements and techniques.
  • Do understand that nobody is going to laugh at you if you can’t do a cartwheel or high kick the first time.
  • Do try to be friendly and polite to everyone in class.
  • Do try to make the most of your first game.
  • Do realize that it takes time to get good at capoeira.
  • Do watch other students and try to learn from what they do well.
  • Do participate in the roda. Even if you don’t know the words, you can still clap.
  • Do find out when the next class is so you can come back for more!
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