How to get started!

Tucson Capoeira- UCA invites you to experience the excitement of Capoeira. A dynamic Afro-Brazilian art form that incorporates movement and music in an enjoyable and spirited atmosphere. Your first class is always FREE!!! There shouldn’t be any reason for you to wait another day to try out capoeira.  It is a culturally rich fitness activity that promotes an active life and community engagement.

We are a welcoming community that want to share all that capoeira has to offer.  Your participation can be as simple as a great way to sweat and feel good about yourself, and/or it can grow to be a practice that connects you to deep cultural roots & philosophical ideals that inspire you to look deep within yourself.


6 week session $80


$55 Monthly

Youth w/ siblings

$80 Monthly


$60 Monthly


$85 Monthly

Adult 3month PrePay


Adult 6month PrePay


College Student Discount

$60 Monthly

Couple’s Discount

$125 Monthly

Family Plan
partners w/ childern

$160 Monthly