Kids Batizado & Troca de Cordoes

WorkShop with Mestra Suelly

The batizado is a celebration of initiation for new students.  It is when new students play capoeira with a teacher to receive their first cordão(cord/belt).  It is a tradition that began with Mestre Bimba as a way to recognize a new student’s understanding of beginning steps of capoeira. It was a right of passage that typically happened in class, amongst peers. Today it has become a community celebration that includes the Troca de Cordões(changing of belts) when older students receive their next cordões.  We invite special guest teachers to give workshops, our friends come share their energy to celebrate with us, we have rodas, play music, and ultimately we make our capoeira community stronger. Join us from March 7-10, 2019 as we celebrate our art once again.  For up to date information about the event,
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Schedule of Events

August 22nd

Studio A & B of Movement Culture

6:30pm to 7:30pm Kids Workshop 

7:30pm -9:00pm Workshop & Roda with Open Discussion with Mestres to follow


August 23rd

Studio A: 5:00pm 6:30pm CM Banano Acromoving
6:30pm – 7:30pm Beginner Workshop with CM Banano

Studio B: 6pm -7:30 Advanced Workshopp with Mestra Suelly,
7:45 until??? Talk with Mestres


August 24th

Studio A: 10:45am – 12noon  Workshop with Mestra Suelly
Studio B: 10:45am – 12noon  Kids Workshop with CM Banano

2pm -3:30pm Kids Batizado & Troca de Cordoes
3:30 until 5pm Open Roda


August 25th

12noon – 4pm
BBQ & POOL Party
Location: 4009 E Paseo Grande



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Mestra Suelly began her study of movement in 1975 by practicing and performing dance. She discovered capoeira in 1982 and was one of Mestre Acordeon’s first generation of students in the United States. In 1987, she helped found and became a principle dancer with the critically acclaimed Joe Goode Performance Group. She was one of the earliest dancers to incorporate capoeira inspired movements into modern dance. However, she was careful not to bring dance movements into the capoeira game in order to maintain capoeira’s cultural integrity. She began teaching capoeira in 1990 while continuing to teach dance through 1997.

Mestra Suelly has played a vital part as a pioneer and role model for women in capoeira. She became a master in 2000 making her the first North American woman and one of the few women in the world to have earned this title.



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“There is hope for everyone in capoeira, for any body type!” ..“Everyone must find their own game.”

~Mestra Suelly