The Batizado is an inspiring event in which new students receive a capoeira nickname and are
baptized” by playing a special game of capoeira with a highranking player. Last year’s theme
was “Giving Back (to your community) & remember those who came before us” and this
year’s theme will be chosen next month. Our event will feature dazzling performances by
several luminaries of capoeira, some of whom will be traveling from Brazil, Canada,
Puerto Rico, Mexico, Miami, Germany, Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Florida,
New York, Washington DC to participate. Your donation will fund the travel costs for
these elite performers.

We are seeking support for our programming in the form of sponsorships, gift cards, non-perishable food, water bottles, and other small, healthy snacks for our upcoming events this year. These donations will help to support our community education and cultural enrichment activities throughout Southern Arizona, including:

2022 Batizado and Troca de Cordas Event: Featuring world class instruction and entertainment,  Special guests, instructors, and graduated students travel from around the world to this event to participate in seminars, rodas, performances, and the batizado/graduation ceremony itself.

Youth Programs: Our group has been working with children in Arizona for more than 10 years. The benefits of Capoeira for children is not only the historical, linguistic, musical, and cultural aspects, but also in the physical qualities it helps develop: balance, motor coordination, speed, and strength, as well as the discipline of traditional martial arts.

Community Outreach: Tucson Capoeira Arizona has conducted countless workshops, performances, and residency programs for Arizona elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, corporations, sports teams, churches and charity organizations. We are favored performers with avid followers at multicultural festivals, street fairs and other events throughout the state.
We would be immensely grateful for your support

Bryan Castle
Movement Culture  Owner & Cultural Director
(520) 520.603.8043 // bryan.castle@movementaz.org

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