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Tucson Capoeira – UCA
(United Capoeira Association)


2512 E. 6th St
Tucson , Az 85716

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Why should you learn capoeira with Tucson Capoeira – UCA?

Capoeira is an African-rooted martial art from Brazil that combines music, dance, acrobatics and self-defense. Our capoeira school welcomes everyone so come join our community! Women, femmes, and LGBTQ community encouraged to join, It embodies the spirit of community and gives its practitioners a means to personal growth and liberation from social and personal constraints. We understand capoeira to be a martial art form that has maintained dance-like elements and music, to become a deceptive fight and enjoyable means of personal expression.

  • Strength: Capoeiristas are always moving around on their hands in handstands, rolls, poses, etc. that can make a drastic improvement on upper body strength. They also perform many jumping kicks and movements that definitely improve leg strength.
  • Flexibility: Some capoeiristas are on par with yoga practitioners in terms of their flexibility.
  • Cardio and Stamina: Intense capoeira games can require enormous amounts of energy. This, combined with constant repetition of movements and techniques, makes capoeira a valuable cardio exercise.
  • Overall Fitness: Capoeira will improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina, thus improving your overall fitness. It may take a while to become fit, but once you start to take capoeira seriously you can become the picture of health.
  • Meet new people: When you join a capoeira group, you become part of a family. You will meet people from all over the world, and you will definitely make new friends along the way.
  • Learn a new language: You may not become fluent (though that’s always a possibility), but there is no doubt that you will come to understand and perhaps speak a bit of Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Learn about a new culture: Capoeira is deeply connected to Brazil. In a time when many martial arts are reduced to aerobic workouts and cookie cutter dojos, capoeira maintains all of its roots and traditions. Maybe you’ll even develop a taste for Brazilian food!
  • Gain confidence: If nothing else, capoeira is perfect for instilling a sense of pride and confidence in anyone who plays. Not only will you feel stronger and more courageous once you become comfortable in the jogo, you’ll find confidence in knowing that you are unique among your (non-capoeira) peers because you can do things they couldn’t imagine doing.


At Tucson Capoeira, kids will work their flexibility, reflex, agility, rhythm, basic acrobatic skill, and bolster their self-confidence.  In addition, youth develop their Portuguese language skills by learning basic greetings, commands, Capoeira songs and general vocabulary.

We welcome kids aged 5 – 12 with or without prior experience and at any level of fitness. In our Monday & Wednesday  kids class, we will break the group by age, while sharing some activities together.

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Pre Capoeira

Pre-Capoeira introduces children ages 3-5 to the cultural art form of Capoeira. Our Pre-Capoeira program is designed to introduce the many elements of Capoeira to the children in an animated and supportive way that is age appropriate.

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Youth Capoeira

Our youth program begins at age 6 and is a great way to build confidence, social skills, coordination, and most of all learn about another culture.  We are proud to have an energetic group of children that are always ready to make a new friend.

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Adult & Teen

We welcome adults of all ages to check out our community.  We have people from all walks of life that are encouraging and challenging in a positive and dynamic communal learning culture.  No matter your skill level, come check us out. 

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Come & Give Capoeira a Try!

We’ve had a lot of demand for this class! In order to accommodate everyone,
class spots are being given on a first call basis.
Please call us at 520-603-8043 to reserve your spot.
Click HERE for more information and to sign up for a trial class.

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Why Capoeira?

Improve physical fitness, balance and flexibility.
Try it out today! Please call us at 520-603-8043 or
click HERE for more information and to sign up for a trial class.

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Personal training
As a form of exercise, Capoeira engages all muscles groups,
helps develop flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance,
and offers significant toning and cardiovascular benefits.


Samba & Dance Class

This class is designed for dancers to learn and improve their
Samba no pé technique (footwork), posture, and performance skills.


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