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Honored Guests & Friends


Mestre Calango
Mestre Folclore
Mestre Gaivota
Mestre Galego
Mestre Malandro
Mestre Muito Tempo
Mestra Tigresa
Mestre Grilo Preto
Mestre Recruta
Mestre Versatil
Mestre Beringela
Mestra India
Mestre Radio Velho
Contramestra Amazonas
Contramestra Onda Mansa
Contramestre Macaco
Contramestre Martell
Professore Quebra-Nozes
Professora Sarara
Professora Força
Professore Guerreiro
Professora Tiririca
Professore Marimbondo
Instrutor Acoisa
Instrutor Bambu
Instrutor Kino
Instrutor Primo
Monitor Pantera


Spend 4 days, 3 nights venturing to Southwest Arizona & learn about Capoeira, movements, music theory while
learning while spending time with some great practioners of CAPOEIRA! We offer food lodging & workshops. We teach music, capoeira, berimbau, Afro-Brazilian Dance, Yoga, and more



Hacienda Program Center

Registration begins at 4PM
Roda & Introductions 6PM 
Social 8pm


Morning Muster 8am
University of Arizona Mall

Afro-Brazilian Dance Workshop with Mariano Silva of the Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara class  11:15am
Maculelê with Contramestra Amazonas 12noon
Open Capoeira Class 1pm
back Hacienda Program Center 3pm
Registration begins at 4PM
Classes until 6 pm
Roda & Introduction 6:30pm
Social 8pm


Hacienda Program Center

Morning Muster 8am
Classes 8am-11am
Online Discussion 11:30
lunch break 12noon-1:45pm
Batizado & Troca de Cordoes & Workshops 2pm
Mestre ceremony 4pm 
Social 7:30pm

Hike to Tanque Verde Falls

The batizado is a celebration of initiation for new students.  It is when new students play capoeira with a teacher to receive their first cordão(cord/belt).  It is a tradition that began with Mestre Bimba as a way to recognize a new student’s understanding of beginning steps of capoeira. It was a right of passage that typically happened in class, amongst peers. Today it has become a community celebration that includes the Troca de Cordões(changing of belts) when older students receive their next cordões.  We invite special guest teachers to give workshops, our friends come share their energy to celebrate with us, we have rodas, play music, and ultimately we make our capoeira community stronger.


Applies discount 25.00%
Ends: Dec 1, 2022

Don’t want to all at once! You can make payments so you don’t miss this great event!

Four Payments of $70 once a month for 4 months
(Adults & Teens)

Four Payments of $34 once a month for 4 months

Six Payments of $46 once a month for 6 months
(Adults & Teens)

Six Payments of $23 once a month for 6 months